Saturday, September 27, 2008

McCain Obama Debate

Did you watch last night? There's a pretty good chance someone in your family did. Nielsen estimates about 57 million people tuned in. That is nearly one in every 5 Americans. Clearly, people are interested in this race. And this was a Friday night debate! Think of all the high school football games going on, movies, dinner dates, etc. and still 57 million watched. Of the country's largest cities, Nielsen claims more people in St. Louis watched the debate than anywhere else. 1 in every 2 people in that city watched. Incredible. Here's the full list.

A few random observations... did you notice how quickly McCain seemed to pull away from Obama at the beginning of the debate after they shook hands? Obama is quite a bit taller than McCain. I wonder if McCain's folks didn't want that visual of Obama towering over their man. During the debate, I don't know if McCain ever looked at Obama. What's that all about? And did you notice how many times Obama said "John is right" or "Senator McCain is right"? I wonder how quickly we'll see and hear those in a campaign commercial.
If 57 million watched, can you imagine how many will watch the V.P. debate next Thursday?

O.K., grab your red sharpie and tell us who won...Obama or McCain? Give them each a grade...A,B,C,D or F.


Merge Divide said...

Who won the debate. I tried to be objective about this on my post today. Let me know if I succeeded..


Anonymous said...

I give Obama a B minus. He didn't really screw up. But it takes him forever to answer a question, especially when he doesn't answer it!
I give McCain a C. I also noticed he never looked at Obama. Is he going to be another mean old man like Bob Dole? Lighten up Johnnie. McCain was terrible at the beginning. He got better but he really needed to have a big night and he didn't.

Merge Divide said...

I think I agree with your summation, aside from your grading. I'd probably give Obama a B+ -mostly because he was able to aptly answer a lot of the misleading attacks that McCain threw his way.

At the same time I'd hike McCain up to a B- for showing some energy after his lousy performance over the last two weeks.

Anonymous said...

McCain gets a D. He stunk. Obama was way better. An A.

Anonymous said...

Obama - B McCain C
It bothered me that McCain would not look at Obama, even after moderator asked them to do so. McCain looked like he was trying to ignore the fact that Obama was even on the stage. Too much back and forth about numbers - tells us exactly they will do to make things better.

Anonymous said...

McCain gets an A because he is not a liberal = he loves our country. I thought Obama was obviously without his teleprompter and had nothing more to contribute but trying to interrupt McCain.

Chili said...

Obama B+ he looked more relaxed,more articulate then McCain. McCain reminds me of a young student in debate class for the first time. Nervous, skittish.
He gets a C-

Anonymous said...

I'm a senior citizen, and I believe many times Obama showed that he is a product of the younger generation who never had to live through the trials of the depression and a major world war. I didn't think he gave McCain a chance to answer questions completely, because he cut in on McCain several times just as McCain began to answer. I was disappointed that McCain chose not to talk over Obama at those times, as Obama did to McCain. But McC probably was doing all he could to show that he can control his temper, even when faced with rude behavior. I give them both a C.


Anonymous said...

Obama: C. I found Obama rude and disrespectful by interrupting McCain often. Obama constantly studdered and failed to directly answer the moderator's questions. McCain: B-. He was smoother with his answers, even if a potential voter didn't like what he had to say (at least he gave an educated answer). This should have been a great voter education opportunity. Instead, both skipped through the economy issues and bickered about the dynamics of our overseas situations.

Anonymous said...

Obama won with a A. McCain never looked Obama in the eye during the entire debate. If he couldn't face Obama head on, how would he ever negotiate with a foreign adversary. I gave McCain a D for this position of weakness, and for his constant critizing rather than telling us what HE would do.

Anonymous said...

Why do only liberals take the time to post on this blog? Because they have nothing better to do. They are all brain-fried losers who are socialists. Liberalism is a mental disorder. They believe everyone else should rely on the government. Most working people aren't posting anything because they are all relaxing after working all week to pay the taxes supported by lazy, dirty liberals. I recently got my dog fixed, I guess now he is a liberal.

Anonymous said...

I give Obama an A.
McCain could only harp on one thing
all night.

C said...

The first time I agreed with Yepsen.
He said McCain won and he is right, even the slanted Register printed his comments.
As for WHO, if Obama doesn't win, it won't be your fault.
You are so biased it is PITIFUL!!
And quoting CNN Is totally ridiculous.
They haven't told the truth in a decade.
The only reason I watch your channel Is for the weather, (you haven't YET started to slant it), and the Wheel.
SHAME on you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Obama: B
McCain: D

McCain would have us believe that we should reinvent and relive the Reagan era. Not a good answer. McCain, a 20th century mind is not the answer for our 21st century problems.

Anonymous said...

Obama Rocks!!! He gets a HUGE A--- How anyone can think that 8 more years of Republican leadership is what this country needs is just unbelievable! We need CHANGE an CHANGE is Obama !!!!

Anonymous said...

I might vote for McCain if he wasn't an old man with a history of recurring cancer, but Palin scares me spitless!!! McCain called himself a maverick again in the debate, and stated that he now has a "maverick partner." Well, that partner is a long way from being presidental material. In my book, this fact alone gives McCain a failing grade.

Anonymous said...

B. Husein gets a C because he's cute and tries really hard to look smart. He's got a real cute grin as well. But he's not ready to lead. Unless of course Biden is with him 24/7. McCain is obviously the better man. I'd give him a B+. He had much better answers. While B. Husein would probably be a fast learner, I'm afraid what we need now is a man who can would both sides of the aisle. B.Husein has never proven that he can do it or for that fact that he would be willing to.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone really think debates accomplish anything? Anyone who pays any attention to the political race knows almost exactly where each candidate stands on the issues of today. It mystifies me that there are undecided voters between these two candidates. i would give McCain a B-, because he demonstrated his experience, but is not a great debater. I would give Obama a D, because he has almost no experience in foreign affairs and the economy. I am grading on actual wisdom and experience, not on how each candidate appears in this format.

Anonymous said...

Obama an A-

McCain a B-

Anonymous said...

I would give Obama a D. He was rude and disrespectful by interrupting McCain.He constantly studdered and failed to directly answer the questions. Without his teleprompter and had nothing more to contribute but trying to interrupt McCain.Obama scares me spitless!!! McCain A He not a liberal if you want socialism move to Russia or China

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Ok so first george bush say's that our economy is fine even though we all know that it's not. Then Jon Mc caine says that he agrees (him and his 7 houses). Now they want you and me to pay for banrupt corperations, that get all the tax breaks? They tried to pull the wool over are eyes all that time ignoring the problem and suddenly we are all sopposed to pay for it. Wake up people. Vote for Obama or be lied too!! Plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

I give Obama a B- needs to be ready to defend his answers more.
I give McCain a D, his Bush smirk makes me sick. His I know more than you ever could look says I will never give anything to middle class,only the rich deserve my consideration.

Anonymous said...

I would give Obama a "B" for this first debate and McCain a big fat "F". Everything about McCain scares the heck out of me!! We've suffered under a hot-headed small-minded leader for 8 years now. I pray we don't have to suffer under another one for the next 4 years as well.

McCain acts like he's so above Obama because of his military past that he can't even bring himself to acknowledge his opponent by making eye contact. I found that extremely rude and quite telling about what a closed mind and high opinion of himself that McCain has. Also, his constant attacks on Obama rather than just telling the public people what his plans are and how he'll make them work was also very telling about his character. Even when Obama was defending himself against these attacks, he did so with tact and had no problem looking his opponent directly in the eye.

I would have voted for Hillary Clinton had she been an option. I did not start out as an Obama fan but rather thought (after Hillary was no longer a choice) I'd let the two top candidates convince me who was better for the job.

However, if Obama continues to make better sense, is more willing to actually discuss the problems we face, and doesn't just harp on and on about his military memories, but rather the proper use of our military force, he's going to earn my vote when the time comes!

Not to mention, that Palin woman scares the heck out of me too!!! In my opinion, McCain/Palin is a double nightmare.

Larry said...

I give them both an F . They have both said that our debates should include other candidates. National polls show 65-70 % of americans want more than just two in our presidential debates. Both of these bozos have it in there power to fix the problems in our debates, but yet they play the same old party game. There are 4 other candidates on the ballot for president. At least 2 of them still remember what the constitution is, and that is who we are really choosing here . Who is the best choice to protect and defend the CONSTITUTION!!! Sadly the real loser here is the american people, we are rapidly losing the republic our founding fathers gave us and most americans don't even know it's happening

Anonymous said...

I give Obama a D+. he tried but he has no experience in running a country let alone trying to talk to the American people on issues that are important,, lets stop all this acting of debates everytime canidates want to run for office it is all a atage show and when they do get elected they never live up to there words, also how can we elect a man to run this country that has never had any military experience?

Anonymous said...

McCain B

Obama C

Obama can't be president, here are a few reasons.

1. He supports infanticide, literally!
(Born Alive Infant Protection Act)

2. His spiritual mentor for 20 years has been Jeremiah Wright whom Obama personally chose out of many Chicago pastors. It strains credibility that he didn’t know about Wright’s views. He listened to tapes of Rev. Wright when he was at Harvard Law! So why did he choose him and stick with him for so long? The only possible explanation is that he approved of Wright’s tirades.

3. He is a close friend of William Ayers and Bernadine Dorhn, unrepentant Weather Underground terrorists.

4. He is a target for assassination, not because he is black but because he is a Muslim apostate, according to devout Muslims around the world. Therefore, he cannot be a good Chief Diplomat to the Middle East.

5. He was mentored by a communist.

6. His economic plan will harm the US economy and create more fiscal irresponsibility with the Congressional Budget. Why do we want to return to the days of Jimmy Carter?

7. He is in favor of unilateral disarmament, leaving America defenseless against its enemies.

8. He is unaccomplished. He hasn’t really done anything of worth relative to the office of the US presidency. He’s only been in the Senate for about two years (assumed in office Jan of 2005 and announced his candidacy for the presidency in Feb 2007). One can’t be simultaneously a full-time senator and a full-time presidential candidate. Soon he will have campaigned for almost as long as he has been in the Senate.

9. He is willing to personally meet with hostile dictators like Hugo Chavez and Ahmadinejad with no preconditions. They don’t deserve such a privilege of meeting the President of the USA. Reagan negotiated from a position of strength, when he thought he could gain something. What does Obama hope to gain?

10. Three other people: Tony Rezko, Eric Holder, Jim Johnson. Why does Obama associate with such shady characters?

Brian said...

I found both McCain and Obama to be around a C.

For McCain, after blasting Obama for making comments about Pakistan which he said a president should make, he called Iran's government "lousy". Going by his own definition that is probably something a president shouldn't say either (even when it may be true).

For Obama, I found him to be quite rude in continually interrupting McCain (most of the time he was correcting his voting record which McCain seems to have "interpreted", but he should have waited). Also, I'm not sure of the correct etiquette, but I noticed how McCain almost always said "Senator Obama" whereas Obama was continually saying "John". To me it seems like it would be correct to refer to McCain as "Senator McCain" to give him the respect he deserves.

Anonymous said...

I think Obama was the winner with a B+. Also, McCain gets a D for thinking he is qualified to be president because he was a veteran
and not standing up for any change when Bush was in office. Does the American public think he will change his decisions after he's elected. NOT!!! He'll keep doing what he always does, following the Bush footprints.

Anonymous said...

I would rate Obama over Mc Cain.
Obama was only trying to defend him
self after the "he don't understands" McCain was saying
Obama is Christian not a muslim.

C said...

Opinions are a dime a dozen.
I give you every right to have yours, as ridiculous as it is.I