Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Welcome to Waterloo

We just arrived in Waterloo. Quite a scene as we sit across the street from the National Cattle Congress. This place went up in 1912 to host a dairy convention. Apparently, Des Moines tried to swipe it. But local businessmen put up the money for prizes to keep the shows here. They've been here ever since from what I gather.

This place is crawling with federal agents. They are everywhere. Dozens, if not hundreds, are here. Emergency vehicles and SUV's are constantly coming and going inside of the one gate that I can see is open at this hour (it's about 11:30am, btw). Men in black keep a close eye. No sign of Wil Smith yet. It seems like almost every vehicle has darkened windows. Aren't those illegal?

Homeland Security Federal Protective Services Police cars have also been going in an out. I've never seen them before. But I think we've seen at least seven of them in the last five minutes. A couple of men in dark suits are now walking around. They look important. I'm wearing a dark suit. Maybe someone will think I'm important, too. No, probably not.


C.L. Calkins said...

We have been invaded by people from other countrys coming in illegally and now when we are starting to fight back all you what to do is show their side of the story. May be you should tell the side of the story of the people who's social security numbers and identatise that have been stollen by these people who say that all they want is a better live for their families. We did not cause this problem they brought it on themselfs by their actions on failing to follow the laws of or great country. If they chose to come to america legally. I saw welcome but if they chose to come to America illegally with out concern for anyone else but them selfs we don't want you. You do not have the type of charictor that is wearthy of the freedoms ofered by this great country.

Anonymous said...

I personally really appreciate the side of the story that you show us.

Anonymous said...

With the Postville, meatpacking plant being caught up in sweeps of (ICE) Immigration and customs Enforcement, it was discovered at least 390 illegal aliens working at ' Agriprocessors' Not only had they voted in union matters, but the courts deemed in it's ruling valid. The question is how many illegal foreign nationals are voting in primaries? If people came to this country illegal and broke one law. It doesn't need any stretch of the imagination to know that they will perjury themselves and vote in our general election, when so much is a stake; our countries future?

Overpopulation, congestion, urban sprawl, pollution, environmental damage, crime, diminishing resources, Diseases, lack of affordable housing, depressed wages, underground economic, fraudulent documents, identity theft, tax evasion, soaring crime rate, increased tax burdens, overcrowded schools, uneducated children, overcrowded prisons, inadequate health care, the balkanization of our communities and a large and growing population with loyalty to other Nations. Just read this disturbing revelation of costs, that our government skims from our paycheck to pay an illegal Paul. (www.eagleforum.org/sources)

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) is expected to try to add an amnesty for illegal-alien agricultural workers to the Iraq supplemental spending bill when that bill is marked up today in the Senate Appropriations Committee.
In addition, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is using strong-arm tactics against anti-illegal-immigration Democrats in an effort to kill the SAVE Act (H.R. 4088) for the year. North Carolina Democrat Heath Shuler's SAVE Act is an incredible threat to the unscrupulous businesses of America who insist on illegal labor to hold down their labor costs. Most business owners are not like that, but the outlaw businesses have the ear of Speaker Pelosi.
Everybody must cal their Democratic Representatives at ( 202-224-3121 )

Anonymous said...

Last Thursday, Ted Kennedy was co-ordinating Sen. Diane Feinstein, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and their (D-CA) managed to get a gigantic Illegal Alien Amnesty deceitfully attached to the Iraq War funding bill. Because this amnesty is attached to a so-called "must-pass" funding bill, it will now prove very difficult to defeat. Kennedy is in hospital, but it's doubted the bill will not be voted on..?

Our danger is SEVERE! Let me remind you of the stakes in this fight.
If it passes, this bill will GIVE AN AMNESTY to about 3 MILLION Illegal Aliens agricultural workers and their families for five years (at least!). You the taxpayer will be paying for their medical care, schooling and much more; compliments of parasite employers and farmers.

TOGETHER Citizens and Permanent residence can defeat this repugnant bill. Call toll-free (202-224-3121) Fax for free NUMBERSUSA Jam politicians switch boards