Friday, May 30, 2008

The Big Fish

Iowa Repubs will get a look at who should be their best catch to beat Democratic U.S. Senator Tom Harkin. Yeah, I know. That was lame. But I needed to a reason to show off my brother Jake's 8 1/2 pound Channel Catfish he just pulled in at Carlyle Lake in southern Illinois.

Tonight, I will debate a forum between two of the three R's who want to knock Harkin out of office. For some reason, Steve Rathje, a Cedar Rapids businessman, has decided he doesn't want to take part in this debate and turn down the chance to go statewide for an hour. For free. In this race of little-known challengers with little money in the bank, it's beyond me why Rathje doesn't want to do this. Iowa Public TV seems to have bent over backwards to let him in at the last minute. They gave him 'til noon. But no change in plans. Oh, well, we'll need one fewer chair.

George Eichhorn, the Stratford attorney, and Christopher Reed, a Marion businessman, will get to make their case. It's my first live debate as a moderator. I hope I don't confuse Reed with the other Christopher, you know, Superman. My mom and dad are in the crowd, too. No pressure, not at all. And I'll try not to think of the fact that in too few hours after this hour-long 9pm debate wraps up, I have to step off in Saylorville for Dam to Dam. Dam.


Anonymous said...

Great job moderating the debate on IPTV Friday night!

Anonymous said...

I don't think the Republicans have any chance of beating Tom Harkin. But you did a great job! You need to do more debates.

Anonymous said...

Watched Friday's debate online. Neither of those two stand a chance. I don't know what Chris Reed does as his day job, but I think he should probably stay off the debate stage for a while. He was brutal.
Dave, you did a great job helping those two along from question-to-question. Can we expect to see you with a seat next to Kay and Glover on IA Press anytime soon? Hope so.