Thursday, May 15, 2008

Random Questions

Just a few questions to end the night...

What changed for John Edwards? Why is he now good with Barack Obama for President?

Does Hillary Clinton really think she can still win? Is she just campaigning to raise money to pay off her debt?

Will the unions hold a grudge against Governor Chet Culver for vetoing that collective bargaining bill? Does the Gov care? Or was he thinking ahead to the elections, both in 08 and his in 2010?

Who finally convinced Culver he was wrong to take that 9% pay raise at a time the news is full of layoffs, foreclosures and higher gas and food prices?

How painful will it be to see Jimmy Edmonds in a Cubs uniform when his new team returns to Busch Stadium in St. Louis July 4th?

Will it possibly hurt as much as seeing Jason Isringhausen's next appearance for the Cards? Ouch. It hurts already.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

the longer hillary stays the larger her debt becomes . is this the way she would solve the economy problem by running up more debt for no reason.