Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Barry Clinton or St. Louis Rockies

Such a tough choice tonight. Clinton vs. Obama on the cable news outlets. My St. Louis Cardinals against Colorado on FOX sports. What to do...what to do. Too bad this tv doesn't have picture in picture. Oh, well.

I predicted earlier in the day it would be a split tonight, in the political game, I mean. I figured Obama had to take North Carolina. And I thought (sort of confidently) that Clinton could take Indiana. But as I write this, Obama's making a charge. Indiana looks to be pretty close.

If that holds up, Clinton sure is going to have a tough time selling herself to the remaining undecided superdelegates. I mean, what is her argument? She's been talking about all this momentum. But the big mo is m.i.a. tonight. I don't see how a butt-kicking in Carolina and, at best, a squeaker in Indy looks like the big mo. But the Clintons are masters at spin. That's why she pays her spinners all those millions, right? They'll earn their money tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Hillary should keep fighting for the nomination. She is the best candidate - the race is still very close. Why should she quit? Obama doesn't set right with me, and I've always been a very good judge of people & my instincts have always proven to be right on. Super delegates should support Hillary if they know what's good for the Democratic party & for the United States of America.

Anonymous said...

Hillary has so many scandals in her past. Theres no way Obama has more.

nomad72 said...

I WILL NOT vote for McCain and I WILL NOT vote for Clinton. If she ends up being the Democratic nominee, I'm hoping that Pat Paulson from the Smothers Brothers Show is still available.