Friday, May 23, 2008

Breaking News: Agriprocessors CEO Out

It's only been the illegal immigrants prosecuted by the feds so far, but it looks like there will be some punishment at Agriprocessors in Postville following that big raid. The owner's son is apparently out of his job (Sholom Rubashkin is the owner's son). Here's the release:

Agriprocessors Announces Leadership Change

POSTVILLE, IA (May 23, 2008) – Aaron Rubashkin, the owner of Agriprocessors, Inc., announced today that the company will hire a new chief executive officer.
“The best course of action for the company, its employees, the local community and our customers is to bring new leadership to Agriprocessors,” Rubashkin said. “The company has begun the search for a new permanent chief executive officer. We have engaged a team of industry experts to help us identify and secure a new leader who can help us meet the needs of Agriprocessors today and in the future. We will make more information on the search process available by the end of next week.”

Agriprocessors has long been committed to its workers and the local community, and to providing innovative and quality products.
The company is conducting an independent investigation of the circumstances which led to the recent worksite enforcement action, and is fully cooperating with the government. The company can not respond to specific allegations due to pending legal issues.

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