Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Meat

Did you see any of that "Ballot Bowl" on CNN this weekend? They listen in on speeches by the candidates. Raw, as we call it in the biz. Any way, Hillary Clinton sure seemed to offer up a lot more meat than Barack Obama. A lot more specific ideas. No question Obama can give an inspirational speech. But once he starts going head to head with John McCain, won't he have to put some meat in his speeches, too, and not just dressing?

Apparently, Klayton Korver left a pink t-shirt that says "Korver's Girlfriends" for my wife. Should I be worried? Do I need cooler hair to compete?

Our softball team (it's kind of a station team, since we all either work at the station or used to work here) didn't get blown away, but we did walk away with an "L" today. It was our first game of the 14-game season at the Des Moines Parks and Rec league. The wind was crazy. Not good for me to try to pitch. Oh, well. We got down early but came back at the end to at least make it respectable, 11-9. Better luck next week. At least I didn't give up any home runs.


iowacityfan said...

I recently saw Dave Price in Iowa City. I yelled out, "Dave Price!" However, I didn't know Price was a superstar as Lindsey Lohan or Brittney Spears is. Instead of getting a "Hi" or "Hello, do you watch the show?" ... I got a wave! What's the deal? I go to college in Iowa City but have always been a loyal DSM WHO-TV kind of guy. I just wish someone told me that I wasn't cool enough to say hi to Spears, Lohan, or Price. Watchout Brittney, there is a new diva in town--named D. Price.

Dave Price said...

Yep. I'm just like Lindsey Lohan. What??? Sorry I "only" waved and didn't say, "hello". Perhaps, I was talking with someone at the time? So...hello, Iowa City!