Tuesday, May 20, 2008

He's on His Way

I'm told Barack Obama just landed at the Des Moines International Airport. Meantime, the Faculty Lounge, a local band here made up of area teachers, has been entertaining the crowd here in the East Village area of downtowno Des Moines. That crowd just keeps coming. The campaign expected 10-11,000. We'll see how the numbers come in. You know how the camps try to low ball their estimates. The line shows a lot of people still haven't made it inside.

It's actually getting a little chilly out here. Not cold. But chilly, now that the sun is going down. I doubt these packed in peeps will feel much of the chill though. I'm sitting way too close to Shane's Rib Shacks. That's not fair. I'm trying to watch the diet now that I'm less than two weeks away from running Dam to Dam. Damn barbecue.

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