Thursday, May 08, 2008

Still Waiting on Hill

With the chatter getting louder about Hillary Clinton finally bailing out of the race for President, I figured I would hit up the Iowa v.i.p.'s to see if they wanted to add to the volume. Nope. Far from it.

Jerry Crawford, a top Iowa advisor, thinks she oughta keep going. Tom Vilsack takes it a step further. First of all, he says NBC's Tim Russert has something against Clinton. He has made that obvious with his coverage, Vilsack claims. (Russert, after Obama's big North Carolina win and narrow Indiana loss, said the race is over). Vilsack thinks Clinton can still win. BTW, he also thinks she had a "good" night Tuesday. For the record, I didn't hear that from anyone else I talked with the entire day. Vilsack said Clinton needs to win the upcoming states and win over the unpledged superdelegates. He also said Clinton needs to get superdelegates already pledged to Obama to switch to her. I can't find a case of that happening so far.

Third District Congressman Leonard Boswell, another Clinton backer, is still backing. Here are his words from his staff.

“I will support the eventual nominee for president. At this time, there are still millions of voters out there that have a right to vote in their primary. We need to be patient and let the process work. I am confident the situation will be settled before the Democratic National Convention.”

So what about those undecided, overly coveted superdelegates??? Democratic Party Chair Scott Brennan is still staying neutral. Come on, Scott, give us some news! But Brennan doesn't sound like he thinks Clinton has much of a shot to win the nomination. Our other undecided super Senator Tom Harkin (who seemed pretty cozy with Obama at the Steak Fry. Yes, it was the Steak Fry of '06, but I'm saying...) Anyway, if you are waiting to hear Harkin say, get out, HRC, well, you will keep waiting.

“This nominating contest has given more Americans the opportunity to see the candidates up close and has energized our party with new voters. That is a good thing. I believe that every Democrat should have the opportunity to vote in their state's primary or caucus and let their voice be heard.”


But the biggest news of all....Def Leppard is coming to the Iowa State Fair August 16th (the day after my birthday). Wanna guess what I want for a present this year? I wonder if I can get my 80s hair back by then... No, I better not. A mullet would stand out too much at the fair...

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Anonymous said...

I think you meant Russert said the race was over after NC and IN...?