Monday, May 14, 2007

Please Pass the Pie, Pork, Chips and Cookies

Sugar, ham, tons of cheese and cookies...not a bad week, huh? No wonder I felt like I was carrying around a small child during my runs this weekend. Ah, life on the road. How do these presidential candidates do it? I'm going to guess that's why I don't see these folks on the cover of my Men's Health every month (BTW, in case you missed it, each day last week, we let viewers vote for the candidate we should follow the next day during their stops in Iowa.)

Here's a lowdown on the candidate, city and food served...

Hillary Clinton--Red Oak--pie

John McCain--Ft. Dodge--ham sandwich, chips, cookie

Tommy Thompson--Anamosa, then West Des Moines--pizza buffet, then just pizza

Barack Obama--Indianola--not a dang thing

John Cox--his West Des Moines campaign headquarters--Jay's Potato Chips

I wonder what I'll think the next time I hear one of these people talk about tackling the obesity problem?

When we weren't eating, we were looking around at the faces in the crowds. It seemed like they looked a lot like the candidate speaking to them.

Hillary Clinton--Red Oak--a lot of women, probably more than half the crowd, a few non-whites

John McCain--Ft. Dodge--nearly all senior citizens, many of them veterans, nearly everyone, if not all, white

Tommy Thompson--Anamosa, then West Des Moines--folks over 50, few, if any, minorities

Barack Obama--Indianola--(this was at Simpson College) far younger than the others, far more diverse

John Cox--WDM campaign HQ--one middle-aged white woman
Just a few random observations...gotta go work out (again).


The Real Sporer said...

Hey, where on the WHO website is this blog to whom I am sending emails?

Mitch Henry said...

At the Barack Obama event in Des Moines last Friday at the Main Des Moines Public Library they served a very good lunch. The meal included a turkey or ham sandwich with a macaroni salad, patato chips, chocolate chip cookie and a soda pop. I enjoyed the meal. Dave we will need to invite you personally to the next event. Please bring Sonya.

Dave Price said...

Mitch, that figures. I only went to the Thursday night event and left hungry!

Mitch Henry said...


The Iowa Obama HQ is having a Grand Opening this Saturday starting at 12:00 PM with free food and live entertainment. Special guest will be former U.S. Senator Tom Daschle. Location: 323 E. Locust, Des Moines.

Mitch Henry said...


Please don't forget that Obama has the far younger and more diverse crowd and lets not leave out the much larger and enthusiastic crowds.