Monday, May 07, 2007

Peach or Strawberry-Rhubarb?

The pies were store bought, but no one seemed to complain. "The Pie Lady" at the end of the table said Hillary Clinton's too big a draw for the local ladies here in Red Oak, so they used Hy-Vee to come up with the 25 apple, strawberry-rhubarb, cherry and peach pies they would need for the night.

They got ready for the "Conversation". That's the Clinton-campaign version of the town hall meetings other candidates are holding across the state. A woman told me the Montgomery County Historical Society's new building holds about 125 or so. But there were nearly three times that many people here. They even had to push away some people into an overflow room.

A nice older woman named Peggy handled bathroom duties. Men and women had to share the same room. So she made sure I didn't sneak in while a lady did her business inside. When all was clear, she did let two men at a time go in. I thought it was always women who went to the restrooms in pairs???

BTW, Clinton's opening song for the night..."Right here, right now." I remembered somebody Jones used to sing that. Turns out it was Jesus Jones. Also turns out, they still sing it. Who knew?

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