Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Calling the Hulkster

They played Hulk Hogan's song. I'm pretty sure that's a first for me on this Prez campaign trail this cycle. In true Republican form, they played a lot of country here (no, I'm not complaining. I'm actually a big country fan). But they added a twist...I have no idea if the Hulkster's song actually has a name. And, no, John McCain didn't rip off his shirt (actually the song played before McCain arrived). But thanks to the always in-tune ear of my photographer and Carroll native, Dave Olson, I'm pretty sure it was Hogan's song.

We're here in Ft. Dodge at the Opera House. There are probably about 150 people here, mostly seniors, it appears, and quite a few veterans. McCain got here about 20 minutes late after a stop in Council Bluffs this morning. McCain's usually on-time. I actually don't recall him being late.

He told the crowd he likes these town hall settings. He starts with some jokes, then his thoughts on where Republicans went wrong and what should happen in Iraq. No surprises so far. He thinks Republicans got smacked around in November because they spent too much...like a drunken sailor, he says. Although, he said he received a letter from a drunken sailor, who says he's offended by the joke. I think he was kidding. He also, to no real surprise, continues to stand behind the surge in Iraq, which he says still needs time to work.

McCain called Medicare the "elephant in the room". He wants to work with Dems on securing Medicare. I don't think he offered anything specific about what he'd do to fix things. I think Ronald Reagan is the biggest elephant in this room though. McCain's used his name twice already during this speech.


Joan said...

Thanks for keeping us up to date. It is impossible to follow all of these guys around. I have problems just following around the one I am leaning towards. Thanks for bringing it all to us.

Anonymous said...

Who are you leaning toward?