Monday, May 21, 2007

A New Candidate, a New Issue & Some Awesome Women

Congrats to the Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville Cougars Softball Team! The women at my alma mater just won the longest championship game in NCAA Division II history (12 innings)
O.K. back to politics...

Bill Richardson officially entered the race today. So that's why he's been airing those commercials here about running for President (too bad this computer doesn't have a font for sarcasm:)

BTW, no Iowa love from Richardson. Unlike many of the other candidates' announcement tours (or should we say "pre-announcement", "announcement" and "re-announcement" tours), Richardson has not put Iowa on his list of first stops. Although, he was here last week.

30 % for Mitt Romney in the Des Moines Register's latest poll. Looks like all those tv ads raised the bar for the rest of his campaign, huh?

Sam Brownback has decided to add his thoughts to an issue I'm not sure I've heard any other candidate address so far... I think the campaign release explains what's going on (and probably gives you an idea just how much he's working to get that conservative vote)

Brownback Alarmed by Tenure Denial in Iowa

"Such an assault on academic freedom does not bode well for the advancement of true science."

DES MOINES, Ia— U.S. Senator Sam Brownback, Republican candidate for President, today commented on the denial of tenure to Iowa State University Professor Guillermo Gonzales.
"When I was informed that Professor Guillermo Gonzalez was denied tenure, I was puzzled given his excellent academic record of achievement and faithful service. I understand that now two of Dr. Gonzalez's colleagues have indicated that Gonzalez's interest in intelligent design theory was, at least in part, responsible for this denial of tenure. This is rather alarming."

Dr. Guillermo Gonzalez is currently an Assistant Professor of Astronomy at Iowa State University and author of more than 65 scientific papers and journal articles. Dr. Gonzales also co-authored "The Privileged Planet: How Our Place in the Cosmos is Designed for Discovery", which provides scientific evidence for intelligent design theory and challenges neo-Darwinism's claim that the development of the universe is the result of an unpredictable and purposeless process.

Brownback continued, "Observation, testing, and the development of reasonable hypotheses have long been integral to good science. Scholars, such as Professor Guillermo Gonzales, ought not to be intimidated nor silenced by those in the academic community who would rather dismiss a well-reasoned hypothesis than debate it on its merits. Such an assault on academic freedom does not bode well for the advancement of true science."

Intelligent design theory explores recent discoveries in the fields of physics, cosmology, biochemistry, genetics, and paleontology that logically point to an intelligent cause in the development of life and the cosmos."

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