Wednesday, May 09, 2007

In the Land of Cheese

So I'm sitting outside the ladies' room with my laptop and my digital camera... Yes, officer, that's the truth.

The crowd's a little too big for this gathering here at the Pizza Ranch in downtown Anamosa. Tommy Thompson's staff has been scurrying around trying to get more chairs in the room set aside for his noontime town hall gathering.

Thompson started by giving props to our station. He told the group how his supporters flooded our on-line poll last night, overmatching the efforts of the Romney and Biden folks. We had something like 19,000 votes for this contest to see which candidate we would follow today. I never imagined this idea would get so much attention. No wonder I don't do predictions.

The food here smells awesome. For those of you who haven't tasted the spread at this's a mix of all kinds of types of pizza, fried chicken, salad, fruit, dessert, etc. Really healthy, I'm sure. I gave up my seat in the Thompson room, because it was so packed. Well, and because the older lady spoke really kindly of us being here today. So I can hardly even hear what Thompson is saying. Man, this pizza smells good.

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