Wednesday, April 27, 2011

NBC The Voice, Ron Paul Iowa, Tony LaRussa Daughter

All Quiet: NBC has high hopes for its new show, "The Voice". I have high hopes my voice will return. Tough to be on tv with no voice. So I'm sitting in silence today on the couch at home. Not fun.

The Revolution Returns: Texas Liber-publican Congressman Ron Paul used Des Moines as his backdrop to announce he had filed the papers with the Federal Elections Commission to form a presidential exploratory committee. And it was a quick stop. I timed it at 15 minutes for his event at the Holiday Inn across the street from the Des Moines International Airport. And much of that time included speeches from Paul's 3 Iowans who will head his Iowa efforts. Paul said he had no opening statements, took 3 questions from reporters, 2 from supporters and then said he had to leave. I'll be curious how this campaign will function in Iowa. There's no question his supporters are some of the most passionate you will see. Having said that, it was a major challenge trying to cover Paul's appearances in Iowa 4 years ago for one basic reason: the campaign would fail to let the media know about the events. When we are covering a dozen possible candidates, there just isn't time to call around all over the place trying to find out where he might be. Yeah, that may sound a little whiny. But it's reality. So here's hoping that if Paul wants to get covered this time around, his campaign does a better job of giving advance notice of his events.

Tony's Daughter: Tony LaRussa, the manager of the St. Louis Cardinals, is hardly a guy you would describe as "all smiles". I wonder sometimes if his face will physically crack if he even attempts to crack a smile. But his daughter is all smiles these days. She just got named to be one of the new cheerleaders for the Oakland Raiders, well, providing the NFL actually has a season this fall.

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