Sunday, April 17, 2011

Federal Deficit, Redbirds' Collision on Baseball Field

Twice the Pain: There are two very painful things to watch this is the mounting federal deficit and the other is the video of the two Triple A baseball players from the Memphis Redbirds (the top affiliate of my St. Louis Cardinals) crashing into each other during the Iowa Cubs home opener in Des Moines Saturday night. The debt could hit $15 trillion sometime soon. So what will it take to get rid of it? I don't mean what will it take so that we don't increase the debt as fast. I mean what will it take to actually pay it off. Seems like it would take dramatic changes. Is it really feasible to cut spending by that much? $15 trillion worth? Or will we have to give up something...benefits? services? What about some of our "Bush tax cuts"? Should only the rich pay more? Should the middle class and the rich? Should everyone, regardless of income? We'll find out what Iowans think tonight for the news at 10. Let me know what you think. Now, here's that video our photographer Brandon McCauley shot last night at the I-Cubs. It's the only video that I know of that shows the two Redbirds' players crashing into each other. Both guys suffered concussions, which is no surprise once you see the video.

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