Monday, April 04, 2011

Culver's New Job

Culver Career: We hadn't heard much about what former Iowa Governor Chet Culver would be doing for his next job. Culver had said he wanted to work in renewable energy. His name was also listed as a remote possibility to lead the Democratic National Committee. Neither one of those apparently materialized and Culver has now started his own consulting business. It's called "Chet Culver Group". So what is the Chet Culver Group? Here's a bit from the website:
With his deep experience in fields such as renewable energy and infrastructure, Culver formed The Chet Culver Group to work with individuals and public and private sector entities to provide strategic consulting, cut through red tape and promote cutting-edge ideas that will move the country forward.
Speaking Of...: Culver's running mate made it as one of the three finalists for the executive director position for the (I think we are required to insert the word, "embattled", "troubled" or "scandal-ridden") Iowa Association of School Boards. But she didn't get the job. Judge, like Culver, has started her own consulting business. It's called PJJ solutions. What is this one about? From the website:

Remember that, PJJ solutions knows that it is possible to acheive real, positive change through careful planning and implementation. Our pledge to our clients is respect and hard work until, together, we accomplish a positive outcome.

Both sites are new. Both might need a little more editing (much like my blog usually does:). Here's a line from Culver's site:
While balancing three budgets, he increased the minimum wage, brought teacher salaries and expanded health care for uninsured Iowa children.
I assume it is trying to say something about that he "brought teacher salaries to the national average" or something close to that. And you may have noticed the line above I used from Judge's site doesn't spell "achieve" correctly. But you will also find something apparently missing from the left column on her wbiste. It lists the links you can use to navigate your way through the site. One is called "blank page". When you click it, yes, you get to a blank page.


Anonymous said...

Can we just move on and forget about this failure?

Anonymous said...

Chet Culver should be someone

who will endorse Christie Vilsack

for Congress . Chet has a

remarkable wife himself .

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