Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Iowans for Tax Relief

More to the Story: Yesterday, word got out that Ed Failor, Junior, had resigned from his position as President of the Iowans for Tax Relief. I'm hearing from 3 Republican sources today that Failor's departure wasn't exactly voluntary. Founder David Stanley is cleaning house. Eric Branstad, the governor's son, is also gone, too. He served as the development director. So is Katie Koberg, who lobbied for the group. She served as vice-president and the go-between with the media. Radio Iowa's O. Kay Henderson has a great background piece on ITR.

ITR had been especially critical of Governor Terry Branstad, particularly his plans to raise casino taxes. Here's a link to the group's radio ad complaining about the governor's plan. Failor was also critical of the governor when I had him on WHO radio last month.

The last few months must have been especially difficult for the governor's son as ITR kept ripping on his dad, don't you think?

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