Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Barack Obama Birth Certificate

Surprise, Surprise: O.K., birthers, now what are you thinking? I'm not sure who can claim they saw this coming, but this morning, President Barack Obama released the long-form version of his birth certificate. Until now, he had only released a shorter-form, certificate of live birth. The birthers, who kept claiming the president was born in Kenya or Indonesia or Mars or wherever else they were claiming, kept bringing this topic up and alleging the president was trying to cover something up. Donald Trump had recently become one of the most vocal skeptics of the president's birthplace. Although, now that this form has gone public, Trump is now taking credit for getting this out in the open. How does that sit with you? Did the Donald do some serious damage to his credibility with his previous doubts about the president's birthplace?

Why did the president wait so long to do this? NBC reported today he had to ask Hawaii for a waiver to get this long-form released, since the short-form is the legal certificate that is used for legal purposes. It still seems like he could have done this sooner, though, doesn't it? If he thought the whole issue was ridiculous, then that's one matter. By why not then stick to your guns and say this isn't an issue? Why finally give in now? The president said this was becoming too much of a distraction. Ask the millions of unemployed and underemployed Americans if they wanted us to be discussing this whole topic for one more second. I suspect you would hear a deafening, "NO!"

Here's what I have never understood with this whole debate: if there really would have been serious question about where Barack Hussein Obama was born, why didn't federal investigators figure it out sooner? When Obama ran for president, Republican George W Bush
controlled the White House. Wouldn't his people have looked into this, you know, especially since a person HAS TO BE BORN in the United States to serve as President of the United States? Seems to me that would have happened already. Sorry, birthers, time for the next conspiracy theory.

Birthers, turn away, but this is the long-form birth certificate released today by the White House.


ProdigalSon said...

It's a fake Dave! Honestly this thing will continue for a long time. In fact, if we could go back in time and record the birth of President Obama, people would still say it's a fake. They would say that 1961 Obama doesn't look like 2011 Obama....just saying, these people just hate the President.

Cindy said...

I bet all the other countries are laughing at us..thinking geez, they can't get along with each other for the common good what good do they think they can do for us. Birthers are an embarrassment, as is Trump.