Saturday, July 10, 2010

Vander Plaats for Governor

Campaign Calls: I don't know who is making them yet, but apparently someone or some group is calling up Iowans and asking how they would vote in a three-person race for governor. Three person, you say? Yep, Terry Branstad, Chet Culver...and drum roll, please...Bob Vander Plaats. That's not the only question. A person who received the call told me the caller also asked whether he would vote to retain supreme court judges who are up in November and his opinion on same-sex marriages. Hmmm...sounds like someone is still thinking about running as an Independent, doesn't it? I checked out, what had been Vander Plaats' campaign website. It is still up, but I don't see anything new on it. So, no hints on another run there.

(Update: I wanted to clarify what one person who received the campaign call said. He said the caller asked which of the three people he would support for governor and the caller wanted to know if he would vote to retain the supreme court judges whose term expires in light of the court's decision on same-sex marriage.)

LeBron Loonies: Let me get this straight. LeBron James leaves Cleveland for a ton of money and for the chance to play with two other studs to try to win an NBA title in Miami. Afterwards, some genius Cleveland fans set fire to their LeBron merchandise. Some people even got arrested for their stupidity. Good move. That'll show LeBron.

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