Thursday, July 08, 2010

Fiegen Criticizes Conlin

Fiegen's Feelings: The media have made a lot about whether defeated Republican candidate for governor, Bob Vander Plaats, will support the winning Republican candidate for governor, Terry Branstad (me included). But here's another less-covered defeated candidate who doesn't seem to be doing much to support the victorious primary candidate. Tom Fiegen is a former Iowa Democratic lawmaker from Clarence who lost to Des Moines attorney Roxanne Conlin in the June primary for the U.S. Senate. Fiegen sent this out on Twitter:
Will somebody explain to Roxanne Conlin how unemployment benefits work and the real impact of the US Senate failure to extend the benefits?
Here is the last statement I can find from Conlin attacking Republican Senator Chuck Grassley:

Wells Fargo Workers Don’t Worry Grassley

I was saddened today to learn that Wells Fargo will be laying off 1,000 Iowa workers. I know this is devastating news for these men and women and for their families.

It is outrageous that many of these jobless may face the same circumstances nearly 60,000 Iowans face today as they are being forced off unemployment because Chuck Grassley refuses to extend this benefit to them. This limitation on benefits is cruel and unnecessary.

And the blame for this cruel treatment lies at the feet of Senator Charles Grassley and his decision to ignore the men and women of Iowa who are now struggling to provide food for their families, keep a roof over their heads, and provide medical care.

What is even more shameful is that Senator Grassley had no problem supporting the bailout for banks like Wells Fargo and other banks, which enriched their executives. The federal debt was not important to him then, when Wall Street was in trouble. But when average Iowans are hurting, the Senator has turned his back on them not once, not twice, but three times in recent weeks.

Shame on Senator Grassley. He needs to go back to Washington, stop playing games with people’s lives, and help the Iowa families who elected him.

Cards Crumble: I'm watching my St. Louis Cardinals humiliate themselves again in the final game of the series with the Colorado Rockies as I write this. It's easy to pile on them while they play so pitiful. But this has been going on all season. They just have so spirit, no pep, no energy. They don't seem to have any fun. What's the problem? They don't seem to have much happiness in the dugout. I watched Albert Pujols joke, laugh and smile with opposing baserunners while he played first base. I don't think I saw him smile in the dugout with his teammates the entire series. What's wrong with this picture?


desmoinesdem said...

Hardly equivalent things, Dave. Fiegen got around 9 percent of the vote in a low-turnout Democratic primary, while Vander Plaats got about 41 percent of the vote in a high-turnout Republican primary. Vander Plaats received about 15 times as many votes on June 8 as Fiegen did.

Dave Price said...

I'm not saying the two men fared equally in their respeciive primaries. It is a bit unusual, though, for a defeated candidate to continue criticizing his primary opponent after the primary campaign has concluded.