Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Obama Compared to Hitler in Iowa Billboard

(Courtesy: Associated Press)

Hitler and Obama: The North Iowa Tea Party has paid to put up a billboard in Mason City. What do you think of it? Fair comparison: Adolph Hitler vs. Barack Obama? Or is that going too far? Jason Clayworth of the Des Moines Register found tea party leaders seem to be divided on this. Some of the tea party members seem to be the most vocal critics of the president. Does a billboard like this help their cause or make them look like fanatical crazies? What do you think?

Babywatch 2010:
I'm getting a lot of emails (thanks for those by the way). So, here's the latest on our son. He is due July 29th. He kept trying to arrive early about six weeks ago. But thanks to the docs at Mercy in Des Moines, meds (who knew a blood pressure medicine could stop contractions for women with pre-labor issues?) and bed rest, my wife has been able to keep the little man from arriving early. I am ready to meet him. So, we are ready when he is ready:) Thanks again for all your kind messages and phone calls.


Mikvogel said...

I just hope this billboard dustup keeps gaining national traction and (crosses fingers) maybe gets pulled down creating more outrage and thus a story on Nightly News... thus creating work for yours truly

Dan Presley said...

The billboard does make the Tea Party in Iowa look like fanatics, even racist fanatics. Pres. Obama is doing what he truly believes is in the country's best interests right now. We need universal health care because the cost of health insurance is the driving force for companies "outsourcing" American jobs overseas. If the cost of health care wasn't so high, our jobs would stay at home more than likely. Unfortunately, Pres. Obama is dealing with a war not of his choosing, and it's costing us tens of billions of dollars per year. The monetary black hole that is the defense budget is what is driving the deficit, not social programs. Other countries' citizens pay higher tax rates than we do, but I'd wager they get far more for their tax dollar than we Americans do. The defense budget has a lot to do with that. We need to end the war in Afghanistan ASAP, then we can start paying down our debilitating debt.

Anonymous said...

Bo could end this war at any time . I am thinking he choses not to . My health care just went up by one third. I do not chose to pay for some one elses health care. Now he is calling it a tax to yry to keep it from going to court . One lie after another its time to end it.

Anonymous said...

It is time to give the middle class people what they need. Less government intervention! The "Obama Care" can send this country into serious recession. Many companies have plans in place to reduce manpower to prevent having to provide insurance for their workers. The choice they have is to severely cut back staff or raise prices drastically. Is this what the working class of people can afford? I think not! Our politicians have no idea what it is like to live in the middle class!