Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I-JOBS jobs

I-JOBS JOBS: No one had been tracking how many jobs Governor Chet Culver's I-JOBS created. Iowans will repay somewhere between $1 and 1.5 billion for the borrowed I-JOBS. The Iowa legislature didn't require the governor or any other person/agency/office to track it. The state website devoted to I-JOBS is also outdated. Here is the story we did on it. What do you think? Fair? Unfair? Should someone have been tracking how many Iowans are working? Is the money not about the jobs? Is it about rebuilding the state? What do you think?

I-DADS: Any day I'll become a dad (God willing:) My co-worker, Pat Dix, the proud papa of twins, sent me this video. And it's clean, in case your boss catches you watching at work today. Man, is this what fatherhood will really mean for me? Yikes.


King of SNARK said...

Excellent job Dave!

Originally I-JOBS was sold as creating 30,000 jobs (March 2009) and then it was quickly cut the next day to 22,000 by Culver's staff. After that they dropped it to 21,000.

Remember too that this is to be funded with existing state gaming revenue, which continues to drop.

Love how you politely reply to people, like me, who tell you how to do your job.

Those skills should help make you a great dad, Good Luck and keep questioning!

Dave Price said...

Thanks, King. It probably sounds lot a lot of b.s., but I really don't mind getting the feedback. Some of it helps. Some makes me laugh. Some ticks me off. But, in the end, all of it at least makes me know someone is paying attention to what's going on in our world.