Friday, June 18, 2010

Vander Plaats, Independent Candidate for Governor?

So, Terry Branstad and Bob Vander Plaats held their secret meeting. Sure wish that it weren't a "secret", don't you? That video would have been priceless! As first reported by, the two men met in Sioux City on Monday. A Republican source confirms to me much of what Craig Robinson reported at that the meeting did not go well between the two men. Vander Plaats wants to be Branstad's running mate and when Branstad said he isn't likely to go that way again (Jim Nussle picked Vander P in 2006 and then lost to Chet Culver/Patty Judge), Vander Plaats talked about running as an Independent.

Vander Plaats, according to his former spokesman, Eric Woolson, isn't talking to the media about what is going on. Woolson did say Vander Plaats texted him and he forwarded part of that message to me. Vander Plaats said, in part, that his "immediate goal is to unite the party and beat Chet Culver and ensure leadership for Iowa."

What do you make of this? Vander Plaats has run and lost three times already. Will he really run a fourth time? And would enough Iowans support him to give him a chance to win or have voters already decided he has had his chance again, again and again? Would his candidacy kill Branstad's chances of beating Culver? Would this anti-establishment, anti-incumbent voter outrage push Vander Plaats to victory? What do you think?

The topic was a huge one in this week's "Channel 13's Insiders" show. You can watch this Sunday morning at 9:30. Hope to see you then:)


Anonymous said...

Ed Fallon needs to run!!

Anonymous said...

^As VP's running mate. How'd THAT be for a unity ticket? lol

Anonymous said...

vanderplaats has lost 3 TIMES; the more he loses, the angrier he seems. i feel like he is having a mid-life crisis. instead of continually running for office, he should just get a sports car and leave us all alone.