Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Culver Can't Give I-JOBS Numbers; Complains about Branstad Coverage

Governor Chet Culver still can't provide numbers of how many Iowans are working because of his $875 million, taxpayer-financed I-JOBS plan, despite assurances from staff for months that those numbers would be coming. The governor said we would be getting those numbers. He did not say when. He also said 3 separate times during our interview we needed to talk with his Republican opponent, Terry Branstad, about his plan to create 200,000 jobs in five years after becoming governor again. Culver alleged no one has asked Branstad about it yet, not even one question, he claims.

For the record, I have asked Branstad about his plan (and, yes, I will agree we ALWAYS need to push Branstad and any politician, for that matter, on as many specifics as possible. And we DEFINITELY intend to keep doing that during this campaign). Radio Iowa has talked with Branstad about his plan and so has the Des Moines Register, just to name a few. So I don't know what the governor is talking about in his claims that no one has asked Branstad yet.

Anyway, here is the tv story I did on it (It follows a separate story about Culver saying the state will not pay back $576,000 the feds claim he mis-spent during his time as secretary of state). Below it, is the raw interview with the governor talking about I-JOBS.


desmoinesdem said...

Dave, the Iowa journalistic community hasn't been pressing Branstad on his campaign promises (like how his previous administrations failed to create as many jobs as he had promised in previous campaigns).

My pet peeve is that no one is trying to get specifics from Branstad about what he would cut to meet his pledge to reduce the size of state government by 15 percent over 5 years. We've got a fiscal 2011 budget now. Someone should get Branstad to mark exactly what he would cut. Cutting preschool, family planning funds and administrative expenses for the Area Education Agencies (what Branstad mentioned during the GOP primary) wouldn't come close to meeting Branstad's promise on reducing state spending. But who is challenging him on this?

King of SNARK said...

Good Job Dave!

Of course the Big Lug Nut wants to change the subject to Branstad.

The difference for me is Culver has the job and the taxpayers money and is spending it,for which he needs to be held accountable.

All the while gambling revenue, which is supposed to payback the $875 Million (plus interest) continue to decline.

The state was promised 30,000 jobs, then 22,000 jobs which fell to 21,000 jobs.

Then reality set in and the Culver administration said, "...1,500 jobs, 4,000 jobs or somewhere in between, the bottom line is it's going to create a lot of jobs."

Culver himself said he hoped I-JOBS would create "hundreds if not thousands of jobs" before he gave this guarantee -- "And I guarantee you by late spring and summer, we're going to have a record amount of job creation and economic development in the state."

Keep pressing them both

Fmr Gov. Jesse Ventura said...

If you don’t hold your elected officials’ feet to the fire you will get bad government.