Tuesday, June 29, 2010

MU Campus Explosion

CAMPUS EXPLOSION--As you may know, I earned my Master's Degree in Journalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia (the school I believe offers the best j-school degree in the country. Yep, I'm biased!). I started my on-air television career at KOMU, the NBC affiliate, in Columbia. Yesterday, the station had to cover a rather large explosion on campus that caught my attention. Apparently, a hydrogen tank exploded, injuring four people, one of them seriously. Here's the station's coverage of what happened.

P.R. of BP--When you see the green BP sign at the gas station, do you keep driving? Do you show it your favorite finger? Do you walk into the place and let the person behind the counter have it about how disastrous you think the company's actions/responses have been regarding the oil spill? The Des Moines Register's Mark Hansen has a side of the saga, perhaps, you haven't thought about much. If you boycott the company, you won't just be hurting the huge corporation. You might might also be hurting the local family who owns it. So what's the right way to protest here? Don't buy the gas from the place, just buy your soda or magazine? Ask the retailer to switch to another company to get the gas? What can you do to let your voice (money) be heard (felt)? Sound off, all you protesters!

Egg on My Face-- I admit it. I gave up on my St. Louis Cardinals last night. The offense jumped on their former pitcher, Dan Haren in the first innning. The first three batters got a hit. Cards lead 2-0 before their first out. Then, as too often is the case, the offense shut down. I even told my wife, that after they trailed by 3 runs, they had no chance. Boy, I was wrong. Tony LaRussa got tossed in the 9th for arguing another bad strike call and then everything took off. Hits, good base-running and two costly Diamondbacks' errors and all of a sudden, the Birds hadtheir unexpected comeback. I like my eggs scrambled.


Mikvogel said...

There's some logic here... LaRussa gone, Birds win. Deep stuff- think about it!

Dave Price said...


Where is the love for the future hall of famer?!