Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Primary Night

Waiting is the hardest part (that should be a song). The 7 Flags Event Center is an interesting backdrop for Terry Branstad's victory night party. There are big signs up next to the stage. Willie Nelson is performing here later this year. So are the Goo Goo Dolls. Sorry, you already missed Brett Michaels. Another sign shows that beer is $5, well drinks are $6. You know, just in case, you wanted to know:)

I'll be curious about the final numbers of this race. Bob Vander Plaats and Rod Roberts both said yesterday Iowans shouldn't pay attention to the Des Moines Register's Iowa Poll that showed this could be a lop-sided night. Let's just say for the sake of argument, the poll is accurate in that Branstad wins. Just for the sake of argument...

So...having said that, what if Vander Plaats does better than the polls shows? What figure would he have to hit to create a strong push that he should run as an Independent? 40% of the vote? 45%? Would that be enough? Would he do it?

What about Rod Roberts? How strong would he have to show tonight to merit consideration to be Branstad's running mate? 15%? 20% Higher? What would he offer to the ticket?

I'm also very curious to see how Vander Plaats would handle defeat tonight. Will he pledge to support Branstad? Supporters with the Iowa Family Policy Center, who endorsed Vander Plaats, said they wouldn't support Branstad if Vander Plaats didn't win. So what will Vander Plaats' message be to them?

Just a few questions on my mind... Still a half hour to go until the polls close.

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