Friday, June 25, 2010

Bob Vander Plaats Still Won't Say Whether He Will Run as Independent

No real shocker that Terry Branstad, the Iowa Republican candidate for governor, didn't pick Bob Vander Plaats to be his running mate. I surveyed many of my "insider-types" and I didn't find anyone who thought VP would be on the ticket. Until now, Friday afternoon at 5:30 as I write this, Vander Plaats hasn't talked publicly about the post-primary period. He sat down with his supporter and Who talk radio host, Steve Deace, to talk about it. Here are some highlights...

Vander Plaats said Branstad told him Independents would decide the election (when don't they?).

Vander Plaats said four people were in the room during his meeting with Branstad last week. He said it was Branstad, Branstad's campaign manager (Jeff Boeyink), Vander P, and his campaign manager (and former Branstad staffer, Eric Woolson).

Vander P said there "was no thought given" to how Vander P would go out speaking/campaigning for Branstad.

Vander P said Branstad doesn't see the division in the Republican party like he does.

Vander P said Branstad told him he wasn't worried that the Iowa Family Policy PAC is not supporting him for governor since Vander P didn't win (the group endorsed Vander P and had previously said if Vander P didn't win, its supporters would not vote for Branstad).

Vander Plaats closed the interview by leaving a major question still unanswered. He still won't say whether he will run as an Independent. So, after nearly two weeks of silence, he has not said what he will do.

He also wouldn't give a final answer as to whether he wants his supporters to try to get him on as the lieutenant governor nominee and push out Branstad's choice, Kim Reynolds during the state convention in Des Moines on Saturday.

He also won't say whether he will attend the state convention.

This interview is definitely now answering the major questions people want to know right now.

He said he "doesn't want to be played" and he wants "authenticity"...when asked what it will take for him to endorse Branstad.

Anyone think he really won't show up at the Republican state convention Saturday?

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