Friday, February 19, 2010

Tiger Woods Apologizes

Watch Tiger Woods' news conference video here.

Did you watch Tiger Woods' apology this morning? As a reporter, it's always frustrating when journalists don't get a chance at follow up questions. But that's how Woods' handlers constructed this news conference this morning. No questions and hand-picked people in the room.

Woods is not accused of breaking any laws. He's just been a sleaze to his wife and family. He defended his wife and said there has never been any domestic violence in his marriage. I assume he means no physical violence. It seems rather obvious his actions have caused plenty of emotional distress to those closest to him.

Having said all of this and after watching his words this morning, what do you think? How much should the public have a right to know about what has happened? Woods is a celebrity by his professional stature, endorsements, public appearance, etc. But he isn't an elected official. He is not John Edwards in that sense. Edwards was also a lousy husband and we now know a liar. He was also close to becoming President of the United States, or perhaps, Vice-President or U.S. Attorney General. Is his situation different because he was an elected official? What do you think? Who's worse?


Renae D said...

I couldn't care less about Tiger Woods. He's a sleaze and should be ashamed of himself, but the same can be said for every other man or woman who cheats on their spouse. But it does seem a bit worse with John Edwards. As an elected official he's essentially our employee. We have no choice but to pay him through out tax dollars.

ProdigalSon said...

The infidelity of tiger woods was a product of his out of this world success in his sport and the marketing of his persona. I wont' call him a victim, he's just another person who fell for temptation.

Edwards is a total A****** and a scumbag (I'm holding back can you tell?) His ego was the size of cathedrals. This guy thought he was above it all.