Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fair Share Public Hearings

Des Moines Dem Bruce Hunter said there are more "pro" bill people than "con" speakers. So he is letting some pro people to go back to back, instead of rotating, so it's not all pro people at the end.

I'm sure I have butchered some spellings of people's names along the way. My apologies!

It's been a quiet, very respectful crowd. No drama.

Iowa GOP Chairman Matt Strawn in the chamber. Greenfield Repub Clel Baudler laughing it up with a state trooper who is helping with security (Baudler is a former trooper) Looks like he's holding some kind of food. How 'bout some food this way, representative?

Lynzey in Des Moines... contrary to Jim Hawkins' assertion...I'm not a victim. said both both parents were union members. It is not a mandate. It is not a forced unionization.

Quite a few more empty seats in the legislature's section now. Dinner is calling.

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