Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fair Share Public Hearing

Union representative...said he heard from someone why should he join union if he can get services for free from the union? Said he works 60 to 70 hours a week. (He should be well-suited for journalism:) Said he misses time with family because he has to represent to non-union workers.

Robin Anderson...Mason City Chamber of Commerce...said she is exhausted because of everyone explaining to her about politics. She said she doubted any legislators would say their vote is for sale (I can't imagine she is surprised by this?) When you consider legislation, is this going to contribute to job growth?

Susie Baker...Cedar Falls...union member from Univ of Iowa...every grievance filed helps union member and non-union member.

Jim Hawkins...wants lawmakers to learn about the hearts of people. I don't know how the unions came to have the power in this case, encouraging legislators to follow their power. I want unions. I want unions to compete. Don't want them to extort money. Just compared right to work with Trigger, Roy Rogers' stuffed horse. Both are gutted, he said.

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