Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fair Share Public Hearing

Union member...said he grew up in Southern Illinois (as a fellow Southern Illinoisian, I wish I would have caught his name!) said when he signed up in human resources for his job, the person said he could join union and pay more or get the same union services without joining union and pay less. said he chose joining union so he could have a say.

Mike Ralson, Association of Business and Industry. said he was scrapping his remarks, because he didn't think he would sway anyone after they had already heard previous speakers' words. But he urged lawmakers to vote against bill.

Jeff Payne, corrections officer and union member, said payments wouldn't go to campaigns. Used reasonable reimbursement instead of fair share.

Joe Grandenetti...Des Moines teacher and Clive businessowner...pointed out how debated has changed from fair share to reasonable reimbursement. said it's semantics. used analogy that he wants to golf on the course of his choice, not being forced to join union. said he ran for office four times and lost by only 13 votes in race for Polk County supervisor. First guy to get pretty fired up. Ran out of time, too.

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