Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fair Share Public Hearing

Ben Humphrey...Des Moines attorney...said his firm represents workers (although doesn't every firm represent workers to some degree? Maybe I'm taking this too literally) It's only fair if a person pays for legal representation for you to keep your job, you should pay reasonable reimbursement for that.

Professional Developers of Iowa (sorry missed his, this goes fast. I wish they put the speakers' names on the giant board in here)...called this Fair Share Light. The moment one worker loses his/her job because won't join union, Iowa ceases to be right to work state. First speaker to go over his time limit. DSM Dem Bruce Hunter now in the speaker's chair. Told him his time was up.

Brandon Stanley...from Graceland in Lamoni...said he is a college student. Wants to come back to state with fair wages, so he can pay back his student loans.

David Moss...Greater DSM Partnership...Iowa will go off the list for companies looking to expand because this bill will take it off the right to work list. Went over the time. Just got caught off.

Shawn Johnson just tweeted that she has her own bobblehead. She said you can get it at the Des Moines Bucs hockey game this Saturday night. Which lawmaker would you like to see in bobblehead form?

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