Sunday, January 03, 2010

Romney to Iowa

Mike Huckabee. Then, Sarah Palin. Now Mitt Romney. Let the 2012 reunion tour continue. The Boston Globe reports Romney will come back to Iowa to promote his new book, "No Apology". The paper said he will have two stops in Des Moinesa and Iowa State. The book is supposed to be a critique of the Obama presidency. Here are the details.

Romney's people, by the way, say they won't try to compete with the large crowds Palin attracted (Palin drew thousands at a book-signing in Sioux City). His people say Romney and Palin are two different people with two different styles.


Lynn said...

I really really like Romney. He is so smart, and the sound of this book makes sense. It's about time someone analyzed the way America is really perceived by the world and not in a liberal view. We are learning alot about the real view now that a liberal is in office. It's not changed one bit. Uh hem, another lie from the left. They are so goood at that.
Can't wait for Romney to come to my town with his book.

Dave Price said...

Romney seemed to spend a lot of time here on social issues. I wonder if he wishes he would have done more talking about the economy?

doogputter said...

as long as we can get Obozo out of the White House before he completely ruins our country

Anonymous said...

They ( the demo`s would like to run Romney in the ground ) because he is morman . This cannot be as bad as the muslim we now have in our white house. Iwould like to give him a try.