Friday, January 01, 2010

Questions for 2010

As I finish a mostly unproductive day of watching bowl games, I'm full of questions for the year ahead. Here they are in no apparent order...

How much better will the economy be by next new year's day? It WILL be better, right?

Will 1 of the 4 remaining Republican candidates for governor drop out before one month from now?

What will the biggest issue on voters' minds be next fall? Is the economy a no-brainer pick right now?

How much will the same sex marriage debate play in the Iowa elections?

How nasty will the legislative session be this year? Will the governor and Democratic leaders get along?

What job will Hawkeye Coach Kirk Ferentz be rumored to want?

What will the unexpected issue be that surfaces during the legislative session?

Will at least one Iowa congressman get upset in the fall election or will incumbents prevail like they usually do?

Will any Republican achieve the 35% threshold to claim the nomination in the gubernatorial primary?

Does a Democrat have a chance to upset Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley?

Will my Cardinals push back the Cubs and take the division again? I sure hope so!

What do you think? What questions do you have for 2010?


Lee said...

I hope people realize what got us into this mess...over spending and laziness at every level. We need to get our sh*! together. Government leaders need to quit spending so much and so do our families. And we need to be willing to work for things again. It won't be given to us!

Anonymous said...

I agree Lee It very well should never be given to any one. Even handicapped people have something they can and should contribute.

Anonymous said...

It will be great to watch Iowa Hawkeyes, i have bought tickets from looking forward to it.