Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Purple Matters 1/12/10

How did Governor Chet Culver do in his big speech Tuesday? What's it like to be a black woman in a mostly white room and state? What's it feel like to walk through one of those body scanners? And what do I think of Big Mac?

Those were some of the topics we talked about during this week's Purple Matters internet show on www.desmoineslocalive.com.

We also had the results of our weekly Purple Poll. Here was the question: Should gay couples be able to adopt? The vote was lop-sided. I hope you'll sign up for our weekly Purple Poll. It's pretty simple you text the word, matters, to the number, 72466. Then we'll send you the question of the week and you text back the answer. I hope you will check it out.

And Iowa Representative Helen Miller tells us what she thought of Governor Chet Culver's condition of the state address. She likes some of what she heard. But she's not so sure about a couple ideas he mentioned.

Watch it here.

So what is it like to go through a body scanner at the airport? A metro woman unexpectedly found out on a trip back from Russia. She shares her experience. What do you think? Should we have those scanners that just might show some of your most private parts to the screener checking you out? Is a little peep show worth trying to keep us safe from underwear bombers?

Watch that part here.

Last week, we debuted the segment, "7 things in my head". It went so well, we brought it out again. This time, not so good. It's 7 rapid fire questions, fun/personal/professional/whatever they may be, to a person, so he can't think about it...just react. Well, technology got the best of us. But here it is and my disgust and hope for Mark McGwire.

Watch the final part here.

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