Sunday, January 17, 2010

Body Scanners

There's been a lot of talk about body scanners ever since the underwear bomber tried to strike on Christmas Day. Supporters say the scanners would offer another sophisticated measure of protection for us when we fly. Critics don't want strangers taking a peak at their privates. What do you think? It's our Purple Poll question the week. Dial the number 72466 on your cell phone and then text the word, matters. You will get a return text giving you a few options. Then reply with your vote on whether you want to see body scanners on your next flight. Thanks for voting.

Here's a story Al-Jazeera did on the story (I picked this one because the reporter has a cool accent:)


Anonymous said...

Keep your eyes to yourself!

Anonymous said...

If they will catch the bad people use them. problem seems to be in getting the courts to act.They don`t want to put these people where the belong, behind bars.