Saturday, January 16, 2010

Number Crazy

On a sunny Saturday in Des Moines, I'm thinking about some numbers...

$30 million...NBC is reportedly paying Conan O'Brien $30 million to go away. Hmmm...I work for NBC. But I like my job:)

$1.5 million...Former Iowa Governor Terry Branstad raised $1.5 million for his campaign for governor.

$2.6 million...Current Governor Chet Culver's campaign then sent out a release that said he had about $2.6 million in the bank. I can't tell by the release how much of that money he raised during 2009 and how much he carried over from his other years as governor. But I assume all the numbers will get a little clearer this Tuesday when the campaigns have to file their disclosure reports.

Hundreds...Governor Culver is changing his projections again for how many jobs his $830 million I-JOBS bonding plan will create. He and his office first said 30,000. Then, the projection dropped into the 20-thousands. Now, according to the Des Moines Register, the governor's projects have dropped into the "hundreds".

8,000...Governor Culver claims there are 8,000 new green jobs since he became governor. But the Des Moines Register found most of those jobs actually started before Culver took office.

3...The gay magazine, The Advocate, ranks Iowa City as the third gayest city in America.

February 17...St. Louis Cardinals pitchers and catchers report for spring training. Play ball!

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Anonymous said...

I hope Terry branstad goes all in against Chet`s 2.6. Benice to see a democRAT. go away broke.