Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Purple Matters

If you live in central Iowa, good luck getting around today without falling on your a#$! It's picturesque to see looking out your window. But seeing all that ice glaze in person isn't nearly as fun.

Here's what happened on my Purple Matters internet show Tuesday night. We talked with 3rd District Republican candidate Jim Gibbons about what the Massachusetts Republican senate upset means, what it's like to have to take on so many fellow Republicans in a primary, what kind of "X" factor the tea partiers will be this year and why Iowans should push out a long-time incumbent like Democratic Rep. Leonard Boswell.

Sec of State Michael Mauro also talked about why incumbents across the country should be worried (he's one of those incumbents up for re-election this fall), why he is intrigued with the Saturday caucuses in Iowa this weekend and whether moving to that day is a good idea and what he thinks of the Republican criticism of what he has and hasn't done on the job.

We finish up with our new sensation (I'm calling it that to see if it catches on:), "7 things inside my head"...the fast, furious and fun grilling of a guest.

Watch it here.

Our Purple Poll question of the week is, how would grade President Obama on his first year in office? Text the word, matters, to the number, 72466, on your cell phone to vote.

Thanks for voting and thanks for reading.

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