Friday, January 08, 2010

Random thoughts

Random frigid Friday thoughts...

Someone reportedly broke into the funeral parlor-turned Republican Party of Iowa headquarters in Des Moines. Maybe they were trying to find out where the bodies are buried.

The University of South Florida's head football coach just got canned for accusations that he roughed up one of his players during the season. Former USF coach/current Univ of Florida coach/former Iowa State coach Dan McCarney is reportedly one of the choices for the job. A lot of people in Iowa will be rooting for him to get another chance at a head coaching job. Good luck, Mac.

St. Louis Cardinals' manager Tony LaRussa floated the idea of expanding the Cards' new hitting coach Mark McGwire's new role to include pinch-hitting late in the season. Not-so-Big-Mac-anymore-would be 47 by the end of the season. What is this all about? As a co-worker said, is this just a hope that Mac could hit a clean home run?

For the 13th straight year, Iowa's public school enrollment has fallen. How is that possible? And when will state leaders get together to do something about this? They can't possibly think this is a good thing, can they?

We're headed to the see the Lion King as the Des Moines Civic Center tonight. In these temperatures, I may actually splurge on valet parking.

Stay warm:)

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King of SNARK said...

I've heard it stops the clock on Mac's hall of fame eligibility and it would pick up 5 years after he quit playing again. The theory was it would allow for more younger sportswriters as hof voters who may be friendlier to McGwire.