Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Vaudt Gets 2009 Watchdog Award

First, the news. Iowans for Tax Relief presented its 2009 Watchdog Award to State Auditor Dave Vaudt. Vaudt has been a consistent critic of the way the governor and the legislature spends your money or OVERSPENDS as he would contend. He has criticized both Chet Culver and Tom Vilsack's administrations, as well as legislatures controlled by Democrats and Republicans. Here's part of the group's release:

"It is an honor to present the 2009 Watchdog Award to Auditor Vaudt. He provides the much needed clarity and transparency to the budget process for all Iowans. Taxpayers are served well by Auditor Vaudt because he understands government should live within a budget, just like Iowa families do," said Ed Failor, Jr., President of Iowans for Tax Relief."
Now, the fun part of this. Or at least fun to me. Check out this picture...

Ed Failor, Junior, presented the award to Vaudt...one possible candidate for governor touting the achievements of another possible candidate for governor. Wouldn't it be fun if the two had to face off in the Republican primary next year? Would they be so complimentary then?

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