Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Journey at the Iowa State Fair

I knew moving to Iowa would change my life. Now for the second time, I can see Journey at the Iowa State Fair. Journey teams up with Heart Sunday night, August 23rd, according to today's Des Moines Register. How did the Register not even mention Journey until the seventh paragraph of today's story? Who cares about Kelly Carlson?! Come on, Kyle Munson:)

When I went to Tampa to cover the Super Bowl in January, I met Journey's drummer's dad. Or so he said. He was old with an earring and dressed in a Journey concert t-shirt. I won't stop believin' that's who it was.

Steve Perry's long gone, of course. There's another new lead singer. He looks nothing like Perry but sure does sound a lot like he did. Come on, August 23rd!


Anonymous said...

Isn't August 23 around your birthday?

(You know me from a long time ago.)
Wood River, IL

Dave Price said...

It sure is...just eight days later:)