Friday, March 20, 2009

Grassley on Face the Nation

Iowa Senator Charles Grassley's words (suicides, sucking the t*t) have found him a lot of attention this week. Sunday, he is about to get even more face time. Grassley will be one of the guests on CBS' "Face the Nation". What kind of news will he make? BTW, Grassley will be interviewed from the University of Northern Iowa campus, according to his office. A few more baskets in Thursday's game could have made that campus a much happier setting for the senator.


M-I-Z....We had a great afternoon hanging out with about two dozen fellow University of Missouri grads to watch our Tigers find their defense (and their shot) in the second half and knock down Cornell. Great to see so much black and gold (no offense to the other group of black and gold in our state:) Thanks to Skybox Lounge in West Des Moines for letting us take over our own private room in the back. We got to make some noise! Z-O-U!


Shane Vander Hart said...

I hope Grassley doesn't make any news after this week. Quiet is good, no news is good.

Dave Price said...

I think his staff would agree with you:)