Monday, March 30, 2009

Hatch Emails Apology for "N"-word

Iowa State Senator Jack Hatch, a Des Moines Democrat, has emailed an apology for dropping the "N"-word last week at the statehouse to State Rep. Ako Abdul-Samad, a Des Moines Democrat. Abdul Samad is African-American. Hatch had been frustrated about efforts with his own party of passing his health care plan.

Here's the email Hatch sent to lawmakers and statehouse staff:

From: Hatch, Jack [LEGIS]Sent: Monday, March 30, 2009 9:35 AM To: All Legislators; All Senate Staff; All House Staff Subject: An apology

Dear colleagues and legislative staff,

I am writing to apologize for a comment I made last week. As legislators, our comments reflect on everyone, and last Wednesday I made an inappropriate reference. It was wrong and inexcusable. We are to reflect Iowa values, and Iowans are a tolerant group. Our values embrace diversity and legislators need to reflect our highest standards.Last Wednesday, I failed that standard and for that, I am sorry. It will never happen again.

If you want to discuss this with me, please seek me out.


Anonymous said...

hey dave, how big of a story would this have been if a republican made this comment? the bias of your network disgusts me. you talk about grassley's comments, and i'm no fan believe me, but what about harkin coming out in favor of the fairness doctrine? do you support this government sanctioned suppression of free speech? thanks for advocating for the people you establishment sellout douche

Anonymous said...

Wow. That was
I'm willing to bet my paycheck that this same bitter person complaining about network bias is a faithful viewer of fox news.