Monday, February 23, 2009

Statehouse Sleepover

It's 10a.m. as I write this. That means (I think) this prevailing wage/sit-in/sleep-in at the Iowa statehouse may be down to its final three hours. Can we assume now none of the five Democrats who voted against the bill Friday will change his/her vote? Can we also assume then that after 1pm today, one Democrat will file a motion to reconsider, allowing the prevailing wage to come up later in the session with a change or two in its scope? Can we also assume House Speaker Pat Murphy will get to shower today:)

I asked both parties for the night shift roster last night. I haven't heard back from the Democrats yet. Here are the Republicans:

Reps. Mike May, Renee Schulte, Duane Alons and Dave Heaton took shifts.

Republicans were also busy little "tweeters" last night as well. If you're not a Twitter person, tweets are the quick messages a user sends out to followers on Twitter. Here are their tweets from the last 24 hours:

annnnd the voting machine cleared again. That's the 3rd time. from web

Rep Alons came in to take over the reigns at the Statehouse. Kressing watching movies in the speakers chair. from web

are you out there? Stuck in the Capitol staring at the voter board. It's still on. Vote 50 to 48. NO changes from web

starinig at the voting machine...5 R Reps 2 D Reps, and 3 Friends of R's. CRs just left after bringing another round of Goody bags! from web

At the capitol for the night shift. Rs include Renee Schulte, Jason Schultz, Erik Helland. @C_Rants and Annette Sweeney are to join soon from web

Mike May and Jason Schultz are here. I'm headed out! from web

just opened an invite for AFL-CIO hospitality night. Must be a mistake from web

Watching Schueller, Gayman and Frevert in the well. Berry and Miller just left. from web

Well, Dane4Chair, my first time, so forgive me. Isaiah...heard the blue dog Ds are fortifying for tomorrow right now. from web

Pettengill wishing Rep. Frevert would start whispering also. Is that too personal to Twitter? from web

Pettengill again...never twittered before, so bear with me....reporting from IA House chamber, up to the minute news. :) from web

Pettengill here in House chamber, watching lots of whispering at the well and writing my column. from web

We are having fun! The College Republicans brought in some more goodies as did Grant Young! Greg F. just came in so now the total-50-48!BD from web

Rep. Forristall just cast the last Republican vote AGAINST HF 333. The vote is 50-48. Close the machine, Mr. Speaker from web

From the House: Grant - just bring goodies to the House Chamber. South Capitol public entrance is open. Thanks for the support! Rep. Tymeson from web

Report from House Chamber: Received another care package from ISU College Republicans. Many thanks for their support! from web

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