Thursday, February 12, 2009

Save U of I Money

The University of Iowa has joined the Iowa statehouse gang in starting a website for you to recommend money saving ideas. House Democrats and Republicans started their own sites a few weeks ago. Like you thought they could do a site together! Do you really think lawmakers can be bipartisan during an economic crisis? See Congress' stimulus package, if you need more fodder for thought. Here's the U of I's site:

Perhaps, my St. Louis Cardinals could offer some cost-savers. They seem to be shedding salaries all winter long. Of course, if they only win 75 games, we'll see what Cards' fans think of the pennypinchers. Who's playing second base this season... Red Schoendienst?


Anonymous said...

Whoa Dave...dial back the yellow font, it's not even readable.

Dave Price said...

Good point. I thought it was just my eyes!