Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Chuck Grassley, the Tweeter

The Politico just ranked Iowa Senator Charles Grassley as the seventh most influential "tweeter" in America. Not bad for a 75-year-old guy. The article describes Grassley's updates on Twitter as Grassley’s are personal in an Iowan way: friendly but dry. This 75-year-old sometime farmhand Republican has developed quite a following (2,000-plus) with his plain-spoken, Midwest Twittering style: “On way bk to frigid waterloo. Will my car start at airport.” “I didn’t stay up to see Ball drop. I will watch Hawkeyw ftball. Otherwise read. Not a very exciting new year celebration but tradition forme.” “6 inches snow in New hartford last night. I missed it bc of senate session. Lucky we finished corn harvest last wkend.”

Here are his tweets from the past several weeks:

First day back in DC. Spend hrs going thru all communication handed me on my 24 county tour. doubt if I've evr collected so much in 28yrs from txt

Thanks for following me http://tinyurl.com/c2gxdh from txt

UNI lost from txt

UNI going to ovrtime from txt

I'm at UNI Creighton Halftime UNI27/26 from txt

1report 4 Fri 4 meeting. Clinton HS. Maquoketa Monticello Hopkinton. All well attended. Still biger than normal crowd. Great wk of meetings from txt

80 people at mechanicville town meet. First time in 20 counties that any attendee said disagreed w my stimulus vote from txt

715am btween 75 and 100 people attended Washington Ia town meet. Less discussion than usual on stimulus from txt

Biggest crowd of wk. Burlington ovr 200. Same issues. from txt

Lvig Sieman Manuf Ft Madison. Toured plant. Town meeting w all production workers. On way Burlington town meet from txt

45 people at Keosauqua meeting. Fraudulent North american union conspiracy came up again. Outrage abt earmarks. Onto ft madison wind manuf from txt

39 people at Albia town meet. Meeting in Centerville had different purpose so fewer attendees. Good report on Rural Water Recreation Corps from txt

Lving Chariton meeting. 93 persons. I stayed xtra 30min. More conservative group from txt

Lving corydon. 63 attended meeting Fewer Qs than leon meeting. People worried abt inflation bc of stimulus spending. On way to Chariton from txt

Just left Leon town meeting. Surprise large crowd of 63. 24 different pts of view or Qs brought up from txt

First stop 24 county tour. Capital City Norwalk Fruit tour and answer Qs for workers from txt

On way Ames speak to Ag majors. Then to group of Policy students. First day of Six day tour of town meetings in 23 counties. from txt

CSPAN 530pmEST. FIANAL vote stimulous)porkulus bill I vote NAY. Pres signs 800B$ bill Mon primetime TV from txt

Just had bfast w pres of Uni in Sen Dining Room to go ovr budget request from txt

Going on Fox news now. hope you watch from txt

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