Saturday, February 21, 2009

Prevailing Wage Sleepover

Who blinks first at the sleepover standoff at the Iowa statehouse? Or who showers first? As it stands tonight, the vote on the prevailing wage bill stands with 50 for and 47 opposed. Two Republicans missed the vote, Rep. Chambers, who's serving in Iraq and Rep. Forristall, who was not in Des Moines. Geri Huser, the Democrat from Altoona, is out of state. It doesn't appear any of the missing three will vote before Monday afternoon. So it seems as if House Speaker Pat Murphy's only chance here is for one of the five Democrats who voted against the bill Friday to change his vote over the weekend.

If that happens, then, perhaps, Murphy goes homes a little stinky and embarrassed. But, what happens if no Democrat changes, or even worse, what happens if a Democrat comes back Monday and switches from "yes" to "no"? How embarrassing will that be? Will Iowans care and think Democrats have tried to go too far here or will the politicos be the only ones losing sleep?


Anonymous said...

Why are they wasting time and taxpayer dollars on this? Last I checked we have a crappy economy, a huge budget gap and people losing their jobs.

Oh wait - this garners union campaign contributions, so the rest is on the back burner. Where WAS my head on this one?!

Carry on, Murph and KMac. Hope it pays ofdf for you while the jobless and flood victims continue to suffer.

Anonymous said...

Prevailing wage pretty much stinks of union greed. Maybe law makers need to wake up and realize greed will always result in a faultered economy. The small business non-union labor is who would suffer the most