Friday, February 13, 2009

Representative Burt's Arrest

Could someone please make sense of this? One of the new Iowa legislators, Kerry Burt, a Waterloo Democrat, apparently may or may not have been driving drunk. O.K., it sounds like prosecutors charged him with that offense. But even though officers pulled him over and Burt was reportedly the only person in the car, police aren't sure he was driving??? Let me know, when you figure this one out.

This quote from Ankeny Police Captain Arnie Porath comes from Charlotte Eby's story in the Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier:

Ankeny Police Capt. Arnie Porath said an accident report also was filed.Police refused to release the report, saying that under Iowa law, they are not allowed to release accident reports that do not result in a fatality.“Let me put it to you like this, we took an accident report, but I cannot put Kerry Burt behind the wheel at the accident, OK?” Porath said. “So, I know this sounds ridiculous, but I can’t specifically say that he was driving at the time of an accident. However, I can say that when our officers stopped Mr. Burt, that he was driving and we are – as a result of our investigation -- charging him with operating while under the influence of alcohol.”

Republican blogger, Krusty Konservative, wants to know how House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy will handle this one. McCarthy, as you will recall, gave to the Des Moines Register some of the skeletons he found in Republican candidates' closets before last November's election. This is a quote Krusty offers from McCarthy from back then.

"If these candidates were elected to office, would not be a stretch that we would need to establish night court at the state Capitol, together with a bailiff and maybe bring in Jerry Springer to cover it."

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