Thursday, February 19, 2009

Chicago Tea Party?

So how do you feel about all those federal bailouts? CNBC's Rick Santelli is all kinds of fired up about them. Have you seen what he did today from the floor of the stock exchange? He is calling for a "Chicago Tea Party" to protest the latest housing bailout President Obama proposed. And a Des Moines-based group looks like it may provide the tea cups. First, here's the rant:

The American Future Fund sent out this release this afternoon:

Would YOU join us in Chicago for a new, “Boston Tea Party?” IF WE GET ENOUGH SIGNATURES, IT WILL HAPPEN!

Rick Santelli of CNBC tells it like it is, speaking up on the Chicago Board of Trade’s stock floor about the wasteful, regulatory nature of the stimulus bill. He asks – Do YOU want to pay for your neighbor’s mortgage?! His appearance is a virtual call to action! You MUST WATCH THIS VIDEO.

Rick says we should have a new Boston Tea Party – in Chicago, THIS July!

Our petition for you is this – if American Future Fund hosted this tea party, in Grant Park – site of Barack Obama’s Chicago victory speech – would you be there? If we have enough folks say “YES!” then we just might start a major movement with this event. But it has to begin at the grassroots.

Will you be in Chicago to make a statement? Will you forward this to your friends and let them know about the NEW Boston Tea Party - held in July in Chicago? Will you post this on your blog, web site, Twitter and Facebook? Click here to sign our petition today!

Nicole Schlinger
President, American Future Fund


Wood said...

I will donate a box of tea leaves to the cause

Anonymous said...

I'll donate some instant tea. It's faster!